Help a Bunny get to the moon!

Leap skyward to collect carrots, catch power-ups, and avoid crazy mutant animals along the way. Upgrade yourself with an array of gizmos and Power-Ups to conquer over 80 missions, or hop into a new skin on your way up. If the tasks at hand prove too easy, cash in your collection for a big boost and do it all again - you may have saved the day, but can you jump over the moon?

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  • Completely free to play!
  • Simple one-tap controls
  • A new climb every game
  • Dozens of missions and unlockables


Release Teaser YouTube

Beta Teaser YouTube



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Super Bunny Laser Spikes Credits

Ana Correia
Diogo Cardoso
Rita Malaquias
Eric T
Tom Trocity
Patron Producer
Andre Correia
Beta Tester
Harold Monroe
Beta Tester
Ricardo Nunes
Beta Tester